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Boss Announces New Katana-Artist MkII Combo Amplifier

The latest Katana amp to get the MkII upgrade, the… 

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Position Is Everything

Nope, even though I’m displaying an amp to the left, this… 

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AMP1 Iridium Review

The Amp1 Iridium was designed and built by a professional… 

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Revv Amps Unleashes the G20

Revv Amplification have returned after a year of research… 

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Fender launches new guitar, bass amplifiers

Rounding out the amp’s features are built-in tap… 

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Build Your Own Battery-Operated Tweed Amp

I built this great-looking (and sounding) battery-driven… 

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Rift Amplification launches Aynsley Lister signature amp

Rift Amplification has teamed up with British blues… 

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Hughes & Kettner Black Spirit 200 Review

I started with the clean channel set with presence around 9… 

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Port City Amps Announces New 2×10 Soulstice Combo

Port City Amps has announced the new 2×10 Soulstice… 

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