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Ernie Ball Music Man Reintroduces Joe Dart Signature Bass

After unveiling a limited run of the instrument last year,… 

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G&L Introduces Fullerton Standard Series Basses

G&L offers the Fullerton Deluxe JB in either Emerald… 

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Relish Guitars Announces New Mary One Aluminum Core Model

The top and back are separated from the center with… 

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Warwick Introduces the RockBass Idolmaker Bass

In 2018 the Framus Idolmaker guitar received a Warwick… 

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Bass of the Week: Sirena Modelo Uno

“When I drew the original sketches for this bass, my… 

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Skjold Design Guitars Introduces the Greyling Bass

Builder Pete Skjold originally built the bass for himself,… 

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Charvel Custom Shop Celebrates 40th Anniversary with Retro Model Basses

Both of the instruments were created with the original era… 

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Dave Hope’s Bass Line on “Carry on Wayward Son” by Kansas

In 2000, he revisited his role with Kansas when he played… 

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Who Should I Transcribe?

You can’t learn music without listening (a lot) and… 

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Is There a Right Way To Set My EQ?

I usually set my amps preamp gain at about 11-12… 

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