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10 Steps to More Productive and Powerful Guitar Practice

Where you practice can be just as important as what you… 

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15 Steps to Better Chops: Pump Up Your Technique with These Essential Exercises

Sweeping is similar to strumming: As you pick one string,… 

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Six Crucial Calisthenics for Your Right and Left Hands

Articulate this pattern both as ringing arpeggios and as… 

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Learn to Read Music, Part 3

Hopefully you figured that out on your own, because for… 

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Martin Miller’s 21st-Century Picking Mechanics

As lead guitarists, we often chase the elusive ideal of one… 

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Learn to Read Music, Part 1

The secret code that, once you break it, will allow you to… 

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Be a String Crossing Badass

The descending version of this lick will build up your… 

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Best Way To Hold A Guitar Pick

A lot of people do it wrong because they never thought of… 

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How to Hold a Guitar Pick

The overlooked truth is that there are as many picking… 

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3 Free Blues Bending Guitar Lessons

In this study, we’re going to check out a a take on… 

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Intensive 30-Minute Workout for Guitarists On the Go

You will play each of these sequences to a metronome; when… 

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Steve Vai Unveils First-Ever Music Theory Book, ‘Vaideology: Basic Music Theory for Guitar Players’

Said Vai: “One of the questions that I’m… 

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How to Hold a Guitar Pick Properly

Pick movement occurs when your pick and fingers flex and… 

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How to hold a guitar pick

So let’s hold the guitar pick on the strings in such… 

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Picking Technique For Tone And Speed

The standard picking technique is alternate picking. Keep… 

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How to Hold a Guitar – Proper Posture and Hand Positioning

Right hand position (strumming hand) Rest your upper right… 

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How to Hold a Guitar

The guitar is resting on his right leg because he strums… 

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How to Hold the Guitar

Raise your right leg by crossing it over your left leg or… 

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