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The Zelinsky Dellatera Custom

We recently received one of Zelinsky’s Dellatera Custom single-cutaways… 

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Ed Sheeran and Lowden Guitars Launch New Guitar Brand

Handcrafted in Lowden Guitars’ bespoke production facility based in… 

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Cort launches Bevel Cut Collection

Cort has introduced a new series of acoustic guitars simply dubbed the Bevel… 

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Great Acoustics: Guild M-20; the ‘Nick Drake Guitar’— or Not?

After Nick Drake appeared seated with a Guild M-20 on the cover of his 1971… 

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Vintage Vault: 1960s Silvertone 1446L

There are a lot of ways in which lower-end department store guitars of the… 

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Rare Guitars: Jimi Hendrix’s 1963 Fender Stratocaster

One of his first Stratocasters, Hendrix played this guitar when he visited… 

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Steve Vai Launches Online Library Cataloging His Incredible Guitar Collection

Steve Vai has unveiled a comprehensive online library of every guitar he has… 

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Guitar Techs Explore Kurt Cobain’s ‘In Utero’-Era Fender Mustangs

Releasing the Kurt Cobain Signature Mustang guitars a few years ago,… 

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Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster

Over the years, the brand that popularized the modern solidbody electric has… 

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Gibson Double Neck Guitars

Whenever I think of Gibson double neck guitars, the first thing that comes to… 

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Jeff Buckley’s 1983 Fender USA Telecaster

Digging deeper into Matthieu Lucas’ astounding collection of rare… 

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Ernie Ball Music Man Release February Ball Family Reserve Collection

The StingRay Special Bass bass features a custom Dargie Delight 3 matte finish… 

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The best new guitars at NAMM 2019

Fender’s big release for NAMM 2019 is a fascinating and individual… 

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Meet the First Fender Stratocaster, Serial No. 0100

Made in 1954, this is the first Strat with a serial number. Vintage guitar… 

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EVH Announces the Striped Series Shark Model

Highly sought by fans ever since, the EVH Striped Series Shark in Burgundy with… 

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Heritage H-137SC Review

5 pounds–a pound more than my own ’58 Les Paul Special and about 2.… 

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Ernie Ball Music Man Debuts 2019 Line of John Petrucci Majesty Guitars

Ernie Ball Music Man (Booth 4320, D5), one of the world’s premier guitar… 

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Taylor’s Grand Pacific sees the Andy Powers revolution continue

“I hear them on old records, I hear them on the music that I grew up with… 

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