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How to correctly restring your acoustic guitar

In the final episode of our Guitar DIY series in association with Elixir… 

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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Upgrade a Cheap Les Paul Without Soldering

Before spending all your Christmas AND birthday money on a new Les Paul, check… 

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Review: D’Angelico Excel SS

The updated Excel SS is a thinline, single-cut archtop with a silhouette not a… 

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Gary Brawer on Maintenance: Fretboard Treatment

I have been working on his instruments for 20-plus years and I have seen no ill… 

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Tone Tips: Keep It Quiet, Part 2

What is a ground loop. One thing you can do is tap the tubes gently with a… 

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Tone Tips: Keep It Quiet

A can of DeoxIT spray, however, can work wonders on noisy pots. Even strap… 

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Adjust Your Own Action

Adjust the height of the string at the saddle as low as you can while still… 

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What is a Preamp?

A guitar signal is far too weak to do the job straight from the pickups into… 

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How and Why to Set the Action on a Strat for Blues

“In this video I’ll show you how I setup the action on my Strats,… 

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