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Rig Rundown: Tom Bukovac

Barry O’ Neal at XAct Tone Solutions built this and several of Bukovac’s… 

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Neil Peart, legendary Rush drummer and lyricist, dead at 67

Neil Peart, the drummer and lyricist of the iconic Canadian prog-rock band… 

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These are the 10 guitarists you need to hear in 2020

It’s difficult to do that, to combine the technique and the effects to make… 

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Los Pirañas’ Twisted Colombian Gold

Over the course of Los Pirañas’ three full-length releases, they’ve… 

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Joe Satriani Speaks With Rob Rush

Long Island native is coming back home on March 28th to the NYCB Theater at… 

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Yngwie Malmsteen On Secret To His Longevity: ‘I’m Real I’m Not Faking Anything’

Every time I hit the stage, I do different solos, different intros. I… 

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Dave Mustaine Remembers Dimebag Darrell Nearly Joining Megadeth: ‘He Was a Better Guitar Player Than I Am’

I actually called him up and asked him to play in Megadeth. Fate would have… 

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Eric Gales, more than just a blues guy

“I haven’t really shown that basic blues side of me in years.… 

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Joe Satriani: I Taught Kirk Hammett + Steve Vai How to Shred

One of the world’s most famous guitarists began as a drummer. Some of his… 

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Managing Less-Than-Magical Bandmates

In most cases, not using the left hand is better than an overplayed or poorly… 

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