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How to Memorize Scales and Unlock the Fretboard

Here’s an unorthodox method of memorizing scales using the common… 

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8 Fingerpicking Guitar Lessons To Help You Improve Your Acoustic Songwriting

Here I’ll demonstrate the way I approach thumb picking, and discuss the… 

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22 Versatile Riffs You Can Use Right Now

Even if you know a lot of cool riffs and licks, you may find yourself stumped… 

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An Accessible Guide to the Brilliantly Original Soloing Style and Chord Voicings of Allan Holdsworth

Let’s get to grips with the C major scale by using one of Holdsworth’s… 

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Unlock New Possibilities in Your Playing with Hybrid Picking

Hybrid picking is a staple of nearly all styles of guitar playing. Once you… 

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Creative Fretboard Visualization Lesson

How to generate new ideas on the fretboard using visualization. Use charts to… 

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Learn Some Barn-Burning, Fretboard-Melting Bluegrass Licks

We’ll learn nine licks before we jump into a full-blown solo full of lots of… 

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Fretboard Mapping Modes Guitar Scale Lesson

How to think about the fretboard, and how to map it out in your head. Consider… 

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How to Play and Build Maj7 Chords on Guitar

Today we’re going to learn how to play Maj7 chords and how to build them from… 

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Creatively Craft Your Solos With These 6 Electric Guitar Soloing Lessons

In his course, Electric Synergy, Joe Robinson delves into important fundamental… 

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Change the mood and spice up your tunes with parallel major and minor keys

In any major key, you have a set of what are called diatonic triads, which are… 

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How to Craft More Melodic Solos

Understand the importance of structure and space within guitar leads. Indelible… 

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How to Use Dominant Seven Arpeggios in Blues-Based Soloing

No study of rock guitar would be complete without an examination of blues and… 

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3 Ways To Use 1st Inversion Triads On Guitar

If you try to write a song in C major you have only 6 usable triads: C, Dm, Em,… 

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How To Write Great Guitar Solos

Today we will be re-visiting a concept that will help you write great guitar… 

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This is how you learn the Pentatonics

A very important scale to learn. I share the easiest way to master the boxes in… 

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Expanding Tapping Melodies and Chords

With this riff, try to make the melody and tapped notes as connected and smooth… 

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Building Control from Basic Pentatonic Patterns

Observe that this particular run pulls you through five notes, forcing you to… 

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