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Essential Blues Lessons Part Two: The Shuffle

You’re playing on the downbeat of each bar (1, 2, 3,… 

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15 Ways to Improve Your Tone Without Breaking the Bank

Work on your finger strength until you can bend that D… 

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How to Hear Music in Context

Ear training is one of my favorite topics to work on with… 

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Adding Notes To Pentatonic Scales Without Thinking

Now this might seem odd… but I like to add notes to… 

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Tips To Master Economy Picking on Guitar

In this video, I’m going to share with you some tips… 

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Expand Your Melodic Colors with Ninth Arpeggios

While we know learning arpeggios is important, we often can… 

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Tosin Abasi’s Introduction to Double Picking

I begin over an F#m chord and play an Fsus2 arpeggio across… 

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Learn to Read Music, Part 4

Most of the time we play chords, and chords are a lot… 

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Using Country-Style “Chicken Pickin’” in Metal

One of my favorite sounds on the electric guitar is… 

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How To Change To Any Key Using The Dominant

Let’s say we were in the key of C major or minor.… 

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Shred Like Shakespeare

Renaissance lute players (“lutenists” is the… 

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7-Minute Jazz Guitar Lesson: Horizontal Approaches

The first exercise will be to play all of the notes in a… 

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New Horizons in Acoustic Guitar: Using Unusual Techniques and Tunings

I begin by strumming an Asus2 chord, barred across the… 

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How to Fortify Power-Chord Ideas with Single-Note Lines and Diads

I begin with the same E5 power chord, but I replace the… 

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How to Play Like Chicago Blues Guitar Legend Magic Sam

The tune also has an underlying eighth-note triplet feel,… 

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Dannyjoe Carter – Hummingbird and Woodpecker picking Explained

I was actually inspired by Bruce Lee’s one inch punch… 

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Martin Miller’s 21st-Century Picking Mechanics

As lead guitarists, we often chase the elusive ideal of one… 

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The Dotted 8th Note Delay Trick

You can check out the video, and try the technique out for… 

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