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13 best overdrive pedals for guitarists

Metalheads will use it to push the front-end of their… 

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Damnation Audio Ugly Twin Review

There’s a dedicated footswitch for each effect,… 

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TWA Introduces New MM-01 MiniMorph Pedal

Features on the MiniMorph include: Dual cascading preamps,… 

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Zoom releases GCE-3 Guitar Lab Circuit Emulator

Zoom has debuted the GCE-3, a pocket-sized audio interface… 

  • 239

Farm Pedals Farmhouse Compressor Overdrive

The two Tube Screamers have always been set with one… 

  • 243

TC Electronic unveils Brainwaves Pitch Shifter

In Pitch mode, you can add up to two additional voices to… 

  • 215

Pro Pedalboards 2019

To switch between her two amps–a Fender ’68… 

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Be A Fool For Your Looper

Most importantly, you see dominant 11 chords in this, and… 

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LunaStone Announces New Dynamic Delay Pedal

LunaStone has introduced the Dynamic Delay, the Danish… 

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Eventide Unleashes the Rose Delay Modulation!

There’s a new pedal on the horizon coming from our… 

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New Pedal: Purr Vibrato

I announced this new Vibrato pedal at NAMM 2018.… 

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