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How to Memorize Scales and Unlock the Fretboard

Here’s an unorthodox method of memorizing scales… 

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EVH Striped Series Frankie!!!

I didn’t even dare dream this day would come to pass but… 

  • 236

Boss Announces New Katana-Artist MkII Combo Amplifier

The latest Katana amp to get the MkII upgrade, the… 

  • 225

Rig Rundown: Tom Bukovac

Barry O’ Neal at XAct Tone Solutions built this and… 

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Welcome to the Dream Factory, the epicenter of… 

  • 213

Position Is Everything

Nope, even though I’m displaying an amp to the left, this… 

  • 254

PRS’ new Private Stock Dragon guitar is a fire-breathing beauty

With six new SE models, Mark Holcomb and Dustie Waring… 

  • 288

8 Fingerpicking Guitar Lessons To Help You Improve Your Acoustic Songwriting

Here I’ll demonstrate the way I approach thumb picking,… 

  • 217

HORIZON DEVICES Launch New FLUX ECHO Reverb And Delay Pedal

The good dudes over at Horizon Devices recently announced… 

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Fender announces the all-new Acoustasonic Stratocaster

Who could forget the success of the Acoustasonic Telecaster… 

  • 176

Sully lets loose the Concorde, an angular Flying V-type guitar

The Sully Guitars Concorde has taken flight, right on time… 

  • 157

Framus releases lower-cost Devin Townsend signature model – the D-Series Stormbender

The Warwick-owned German guitar manufacturer Framus has… 

  • 337

The Taylor T5z Verdict: It’s an Electric Guitar – Or Is It?

Yes, even Taylor places it in its electric guitar lineup.… 

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Introducing the Deluxe Bedford SH, a three-pickup,… 

  • 197

Harmony Guitars Launches the Juno

The Juno is the latest addition to Harmony’s Standard… 

  • 160

Pigtronix Announces the Infinity 2 Stereo Looper Pedal

Pigtronix has launched the next generation of one of their… 

  • 161

Pedal Tones: The Pelt Fuzz | Effects Pedals | Fender

Watch as Stan Cotey demos the exciting tones you can… 

  • 171

Manson Announces New META Series MBM-1 Guitar

Manson Guitarworks has unveiled the META Series MBM-1… 

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