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How to correctly restring your acoustic guitar

In the final episode of our Guitar DIY series in… 

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Ed Sheeran and Lowden Guitars Launch New Guitar Brand

Handcrafted in Lowden Guitars’ bespoke production… 

  • 271

Cort launches Bevel Cut Collection

Cort has introduced a new series of acoustic guitars simply… 

  • 322

Great Acoustics: Guild M-20; the ‘Nick Drake Guitar’— or Not?

After Nick Drake appeared seated with a Guild M-20 on the… 

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Best Way To Hold A Guitar Pick

A lot of people do it wrong because they never thought of… 

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How to Hold a Guitar Pick Properly

Pick movement occurs when your pick and fingers flex and… 

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How to hold a guitar pick

So let’s hold the guitar pick on the strings in such… 

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How to Hold the Guitar

Raise your right leg by crossing it over your left leg or… 

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How to Hold a Guitar Standing Up

Holding a guitar standing up…Many new guitar players… 

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